Views from the North Rim

Where the Kaibab National Forest meets the Grand Canyon National Park

No doubt about it - the Grand Canyon is "Nature's masterpiece." In every direction there is a breath-taking view. The Canyon's towering walls are like an open textbook of geology. "Pages" are layers of ancient sedimentary and volcanic rocks, each telling the story of the area's ancient seas, deltas, and deserts. The South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park is a good place to receive an introduction to the Grand Canyon's wonders but it is the North Rim, where crowds are less and development minimal, visitors find the opportunity to study the "masterpiece" at their leisure. The following photographs were taken during a visit to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon where it meets the Kaibab National Forest. With an elevation of about 7,000 ft, Ponderosa pine grow tall, temperatures are cooler, and you really can look back over time.

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Our route to Crazy Jug Point
Where's the road?
A road hazard
Looking up Crazy Jug Canyon
Bridgers Knoll?
So green in the Spring
Panoramic view from Crazy Jug Point
Geology textbook - See the chapters and pages?
Powell Plateau and Steamboat Mountain
Steamboat Mountain
Less than impressive view
Better view of Marble Canyon
Best view
Dog Point
Saddle Mountain Wilderness from Dog Point
Solitude of Dog Point

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