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From Grandma’s Craft Box

A long weekend of camping with grandchildren was great fun.  However, afternoons of rain did pose a challenge for all.  Grandma’s “Craft Box” to the rescue!  Here are a few crafts that kept the children busy until the rain stopped and it dried up a little.

Yarn basket
Yarn Basket – The idea is from No Time for Flash Cards.  In our case, less was more produced the best results.

Marbleized egg
Marbleized Egg in completed Yarn Basket – We had a bunch of colored glue leftover from the Window Clinger so we used it to make an egg for our Yarn Basket.  Interestingly, all the colors mixed together made this pretty green.
White glue outline

Window clingers

Window Clingers – We used white school glue to outlined an object on a piece of plastic wrap stretched over a pie pan and let it dry completely.  Then we mixed a dab of white school glue and some food color together.  When well mixed, the colored glue was “painted” within the outline formed by the white glue and allow to dry completely (this took several hours).  The Clingers were gentle peeled off the plastic wrap and attached to the motorhome’s rear window.  The fish and flower came out well.  Not sure what the other two objects were supposed to be but the twins were so proud of their handiwork.

fanciful critters
Critters out of crocheted eggs – Using Lion Brand Yarn’s pattern for Easter Eggs, I made three eggs from some cotton yarn, stuffed them and handed one to each child with a few pieces of felt, marking pens, and glue.  Aren’t their creations precious?!?!?!  FYI:  They are a Bubble bee, chicken, and mouse.

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