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No-slip clothes hanger

One of the more annoying problems we have had with our motorhome is clothes slipping off hangers and ending up on the bottom of our closet or, worse yet, laying on the shower’s damp floor.  My solution has been to cover wire clothes hangers with a leftover yarn.  This works well until the yarn wears away were the hanger’s hook rubs against the metal bar.

Between the Lines presented a workable alternative to my yarn covered hangers.  I think they are nice enough for my closet at home.  Check the original instructions here.

In the meantime, here is my humble efforts.

no-slip clothes hangers

What you’ll need:

– wire clothes hanger from dry cleaner’s
– bias tape, ribbon, or a piece of fabric (at least 2 yards, more if you want thicker padding – I used about 90-inches for each of my hangers)
– masking tape
– white glue

(If you don’t have bias tape or ribbon, use some leftover fabric and cut into one-inch wide strips.  Between the Lines provides a diagram of how to cut one continuous strip.  I used the white glue to attach one piece to the next – see photos.)

1.    Attach your strip to the clothes hanger using a small piece of masking tape, as shown in photo.  Wrap fabric around the wire to hide the tape.

marking tape
2.    Next, continue twisting the strip around the wire all the way around.  Don’t be afraid if the fabric frays – it gives interest to the hanger.  To make sure the strip is tightly twisted around the wire and check once in a while.  Continue twisting until the whole hanger is covered.

twist fabric strip3.    Use white glue to attach strips of fabic.






4.    When the hanger is covered, cut the strip leaving a 1 inch end.  Put on some white glue on that one-inch end and twist the end back over the covered hook part of the hanger, smearing the glue in and over the fabric so the metal tip is completely covered.

tab with glue

5.    Set aside until glue is complete dry.  When the glue is dry, the hanger is ready for use.

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